How to Bid

FIRST you need to register by creating your personal account, in order to be approved to start bidding.

You can place a regular bid by selecting from the increments table, for immediate full amount bid, or you can place an automatic bid, being your secret maximum amount, that you are willing to pay for the selected lot. The system will then bid on your behalf by one increment against any other winning bid, until you reach your maximum secret bid.

Important notice: Floor bidding on all lots will start on September 13th at 18:00, simultaneously with LIVE online bidding. Consequently, all lots will start to end sequentially upon declaring the winning bid for each lot gradually after 18:00.

Auction Fees:

A buyer's premium of 10% will be due on every winning bid, and will be added to the invoice.

Increment Table:

Up to $100 
by $5
$100 to $250
by $10
$250 to $500 
by $25
$500 to $1000
by $50
$1000 to $2500 
by $100
$2500 to $5000
by $250
$5000 to $10000
by $500
$10000 to $25000
by $1000
$25000 to $75000
by $2500
$75000 to $250000
by $5000